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admin January 1, 2019

Capital icon

Capital Icon brings you the best opportunity as you are searching for apartments for sale in Islamabad, to own an apartment, in a charming 10-stories apartments’ project located in a prime location of the green and serene city of Islamabad. The Capital Icon touches the major highway of the city, the Islamabad Expressway giving you the ease of maneuverability to reach anywhere in the twin cities with absolute convenience.

Situated in the heart of Islamabad, the Capital Icon offers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments and Rooftop Penthouses. The interior design of the apartments is simply awesome as minute details have been attended, and developed by market’s best professionals. Though it is an apartments’ plan but it offers an invigorating open air environment for all its residents.

For Your Family

An ambience that brings you the best leisurely experience… the Capital Icon. Managed by intense professional planning and artistic attention to minute details of everything that you tap here. Every moment is worth a smile at the Capital Icon.

Project Location

Location of Capital Icon’s apartments for sale in Islamabad

On a very convenient location on the most preferred and signal free corridor of the city, the Islamabad Expressway, Capital Icon stands mightily giving you the best advantage of time. Capital Icon is just 3 minutes away from the Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad, opposite to the Pak PWD Housing Scheme.



  • Reception / Waiting Lounge
  • Lift Lobby
  • Gymnasium/ Fitness Centre
  • Clinic
  • Rooftop Restaurant
  • Rooftop Swimming Pool
  • Snooker Area
  • Prayer Area
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • 24/7 Power Backup
  • Fire Alarm
  • Firefighting Equipment
  • Day Care / Play Area
  • Parking Area
  • Convenience Store
  • Water Storage Capacity


Payment Plans


One Bedroom Apartment

Unit NoTypeCategoryGross sftSales PriceBookingConfirmation (After 30 days of Booking)Allocation(After 60 days of Booking)14X Quarterly installmentsOn Possession
1DiamondOne Bed4804,080,000408,000408,000408,000156,923408,000
2DiamondOne Bed5404,590,000459,000459,000459,000176,538459,000
3DiamondOne Bed5814,938,500493,850493,850493,850189,942493,850
4DiamondOne Bed6445,474,000547,400547,400547,400210,538547,400
5DiamondOne Bed7025,967,000596,700596,700596,700229,500596,700


Two Bedroom Apartment

Unit NoTypeCategoryGross SftSales PriceBookingConfirmation(After 30 days of Booking)Allocation(After 60 days of Booking)14X Quarterly InstallmentsOn Possession
1PlatinumTwo Bed119210,132,0001,013,2001,013,2001,013,200389,6921,013,200
2PlatinumTwo Bed119710,174,5001,017,4501,017,4501,017,450391,3271,017,450
3PlatinumTwo Bed120510,242,5001,024,2501,024,2501,024,250393,9421,024,250
4PlatinumTwo Bed121310,310,5001,031,0501,031,0501,031,050396,5581,031,050
5PlatinumTwo Bed121510,327,5001,032,7501,032,7501,032,750397,2121,032,750
6PlatinumTwo Bed122810,438,0001,043,8001,043,8001,043,800401,4621,043,800
7PlatinumTwo Bed123510,497,5001,049,7501,049,7501,049,750403,7501,049,750
8PlatinumTwo Bed124010,540,0001,054,0001,054,0001,054,000405,3851,054,000
9Platinum PlusTwo Bed124510,582,5001,058,2501,058,2501,058,250407,0191,058,250
10Platinum PlusTwo Bed130711,109,5001,110,9501,110,9501,110,950427,2881,110,950
11Platinum PlusTwo Bed131411,169,0001,116,9001,116,9001,116,900429,5771,116,900
12Platinum PlusTwo Bed132911,296,5001,129,6501,129,6501,129,650434,4811,129,650
13Platinum PlusTwo Bed134911,466,5001,146,6501,146,6501,146,650441,0191,146,650


Three Bedroom Apartment

Unit NoTypeCategoryGross SftSales PriceBookingConfirmation
(After 30 Days of Booking)
(After 60 Days of Booking)
Quarterly Installments
On Possession
1Titanium Three Bed146312,435,5001,243,5501,243,5501,243,550478,2881,243,550
2Titanium PlusThree Bed165714,084,5001,408,4501,408,4501,408,450478,2881,408,450
3Titanium PlusThree Bed166314,135,5001,413,5501,413,5501,413,550543,6731,413,550
4Titanium Plus W/ServantThree Bed with Servant Room171314,560,5001,456,0501,456,0501,456,050560,0191,456,050
5Titanium Plus W/ServantThree Bed with Servant Room191216,252,0001,625,2001,625,2001,625,200625,0771,625,200
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